"The Dove in the Bible represents The Holy Spirit"
Read Matthew 3:17

Welcome to Cambridge Dove Ministry a non-denominational Christian site that hopefully will encourage all that stop by. Here you will find a bit of all types of web designs--from the very plain to the fancy. In each era that I added pages I found that I seemed to have a different style.

The main concept here is sharing the love of Jesus Christ. I have tried to portray examples of love, compassion, mercy, giving, joy, grace--some of the many attributes of our Lord. I do know Jesus Christ is alive today and He is still performing miracles and I pray through these pages you will find hope to help build your faith. Faith, I have found is truly what keeps the miracles coming our way.

May God bless you and keep you!


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In 2004 Cambridge Dove Ministries merged with The Cornerstone Connection praying and believing that the two joined would be a strong enough ministry to help get the Word, the Truth, the Life out to more people. The end is soon. We have to be prepared....not snicker at it. Please, check out both sites and if you have any suggestions please let us know. God Bless.
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